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  • Jeanette, retired airline pilot and our 2nd client. She continues to train hard and looks and moves like someone 20 years younger!
  • Don sporting a nifty UofL headband. Age 67. Don has been training with us since 2008 and has lost 20 lbs and is continuing to get stronger and build muscle
  • Saturday's at IronBody Fitness
  • Band Assisted Squat corrective. John G, age 62 has made tremendous strides in improving the way he moves.
  • Paul & his daughter, Aubrey killing it
  • Misty Cleans the 32k (70lb) bell. A strong girl!
  • Trinity - perfect swing form! Trinity is another of our strong ladies and has dropped over 10 lbs and is still burning fat while getting stronger
  • Kill the tire!
  • Hope is not impressed with Mary's technique

Train Smarter Not Harder!

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  • Small to Medium Sized Groups

    Class sizes vary from day to day because we don’t lock people into a specific slot. Come to any scheduled class. The biggest is usually 20 people. Medium-sized groups mean you get the coaching you need to succeed! Here’s our Schedule

  • Build Usable Strength

    We’ll help you get stronger so daily tasks become easier. No you won’t get big and bulky! Strength training is THE best way to lose fat and get stronger. Our training methods are backed by science, not guesswork. If you hate “cardio” you’ll love our programs

  • Kettlebells Torch The Fat

    We LOVE Kettlebells! Training the right way with Kettlebells will help your burn more calories in a shorter time than conventional exercise.
    We have been teaching safe and effective kettlebell use since 2002, longer than anyone in Kentucky and the surrounding area. We’ve even written a book.

    Come in and find how Kettlebells will help you lose fat and get lean!

  • Train for Life

    Many gyms promise you the moon in 21 days or 4 weeks. Some go a little further with “Results in 8 Weeks!” While you’ll definitely see major changes with our programs in those time frames, realize that real, permanent change doesn’t come overnight. We have clients who’ve been with us for over 7 years and still making progress!

Yes, I want to schedule my free Success Session!I Understand there is NO obligation to buy anything

Schedule Your Free Success Session


What We Are Not

  • Boot Camps are Bogus

    We are NOT a “BootCamp”. We teach you how to train safely and effectively. No one will be yelling at you to do 1 more rep or trying to make you puke. Our goal is to get you to your goal and beyond safely and effectively.

  • Diets are Out

    No crazy diets, just sound Nutritional Programs based on Science fact not media hype and fads

  • No More Boring 'Cardio'

    Lifting Weights builds Muscle. Building Muscle Burns Fat! Using Explosive Lifts Burns Fat Faster and improves your cardiovascular system better than any other form of exercises.

    Don’t waste hours on a treadmill or elliptical. Our unique programs incorporate resistance training, conditioning and mobility/movement skills in each one hour session! Running for hours will not get you “toned”. Running beats you up and tears you down. Running burns off precious muscle and stores fat, exactly the opposite of what you are trying to accomplish!


100% Guaranteed Results

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your experience we’ll gladly refund your money.

Follow our nutritional programs and attend all your training sessions and you will look, feel, and move better


The transformation challenge was very eye opening experience. Consistency with everything that you put in to your body is very important. It takes time. It doesn’t just happen in a week or two. The most important thing I learnt is to not depend on the scale for results. To give your body a chance to respond to the changes that were made in the diet. Also to eat more food, but the right food. I now eat a green vegetable with each meal ( including breakfast). I crave it in the morning. I don’t have a sweet tooth anymore. I don’t eat any processed food or fast food anymore. I feel like I have lots of energy and I feel good about myself again. I’m a bit nervous but I’m going to get rid of all my pants that are now 2 sizes to big. I usually always save them “just in case”. But I have the confidence that I will not yo yo any more. Having the support and accountability Makes a big difference. THANKS Dave


When we started the competition, I thought I was already eating healthy and working effectively to reach my goals.  I learned a lot from this competition; the food proportions and quantities that Dave proposed we eat (1800 calories for me composed of 45%  Carbs, 35% protein, and 25% fats) were HUGE. I have never been on a diet where I had to eat so much!  In fact, for the first few weeks the biggest challenge I had was eating enough calories.

My body definitely responded to the change in diet, I developed more muscle tone, and was able to advance my workouts to a new level (snatched the 24k!).  Other than the obvious physical changes my body underwent, (lost 7 inches and 6 lbs) I began to feel more energized and would crave the snacks and meals every 2 to 3 hours. In fact, the ‘planned indulgences’ I enjoyed were still a part of my meal plan, but my body would strongly react to the rich, processed foods. This competition has certainly taught how to feed my body in an effective, healthy way, and it has a measureable effect.  I had bloodwork completed during the competition, my cholesterol levels were great and my glucose levels (following breakfast) were lower than the recommended fasting glucose levels!  I’ve learned that if you want a lean, toned body, the worst thing for you to do is starve yourself; in fact, you probably need to eat a LOT more, just a lot more of the right stuff. This took a look of determination and planning but I’m walking away with extra tools that will help me to continue to improve my muscle mass, stay healthy, and get me to my goals! Thanks Dave!