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Be Smart with Your Training and Nutrition

  • Train Smarter Not Harder

    Progressive Programs gradually get you fitter and leaner without beating you up or forcing you to do too much. Smart Training means you’ll get exactly what you need. You’ll work hard but we won’t run you into the ground

  • Train with Others Like You

    Our clients average age is mid-30’s to mid-60’s but we have clients as young as 16 and as old as 79! Our clients are doctors, lawyers, bankers and other professionals, entrepreneurs, housewives, students. We can help almost anyone improve their health and fitness.

  • Training Based on Your Needs

    Your Personalized Group Training program is based on the results of your Functional Movement Screen. Every 6 weeks you’ll re-screen to make sure our programming is working. We will adjust your program as necessary.The screen/re-screen process allows us to make sure you have the most effective training possible in our group programs.

How May We Help You?

Hi, thanks for checking ot our site. I’m Dave and those are my two dogs, Cash on the left and Hope. They go with my wife & me wherever we go, including the gym. They love people :)

Our kettlebell based training programs are unique and designed to help you build lean, strong muscle and burn fat.
In addition we provide nutrition coaching to help you learn to eat the right way and to help you get rid of bad habits that can contribute to poor nutritional choices.

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Here are just a few of the benefits of our programs

  • Small to Medium Groups

    Our typical class size is 10-15 people sometimes a few more. These small groups allow us to give you the individual attention you need, when you need it

  • Build Strength

    Strength is important, especially as you get older. As yo age you lose muscle mass and therefore strength. As your strength declines so does your ability to maintain an active lifestyle.

  • Education

    We want to teach you to understand what real nutrition is all about and why you must avoid all the fad diets. In the long run diets don’t work!

  • Optimal Training Programs to Save You Time and Money

    Our training programs are structured to optimize your time in the gym and to burn off as much fat as possible without running you into the ground like most other gyms

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