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Attention Residents of Louisville Metro:

Are you struggling to find a fitness program that works for you? We Can Help

Many people spend a lot of money and time searching for their perfect fitness solution, but never seem to find it. You've probably done this too. You've tried Planet Fitness, LAC or LA Fitness and got nowhere. No help on how to safely and effectively use the  equipment, no help with creating a workout program (it's more than doing the same thing over and over or doing random exercises) and no support for nutrition or accountability - the only time you hear from them is when your payment doesn't go through.

We are different. We provide you with everything you need to succeed. We coach you on proper exercise technique, we provide training programs that are progressive so you keep getting leaner and more fit. We provide you with nutritional guidance and accountability.

From your Success Session to your first day of training and for as long as you are with us we will coach you every step of the way. You see if you don't succeed, we don't succeed. Of course that means you must live up to your end, being committed, staying committed, attending all your training sessions and learning how to make smart decision when it comes to your nutrition. We give you all you need to know, you just have to execute the plan.

Sure some days you might fall off the wagon, but we are there to help you get right back on it with support via Private Facebook Groups, Facebook Messenger chats, text message and email. We are here to help you reach your health and fitness goals

Here's how it works:

Discuss Your Goals

Assess Your Body

Train Smart

Eat Real Food

Track Your Progress

Make Adjustments

Achieve Your Goals

  1. Register and come in for a Success Session - this is where we find out about you and what you want to achieve and discuss your nutrition and how you can improve it. 
  2. We will also take measurements, your weight and body fat percentage. This gives us a baseline from which to start tracking your progress. In addition, you will go through a movement screen which tells us if there are movements that we need to modify for you so you get stronger and move better.
  3. Attend training sessions 3 times per week for 4 weeks. During this time you will learn many kettlebell exercises like the swing and squat as well as other exercises using bodyweight and resistance bands. You should lose 5 to 8 lbs in that time, if you goal is to lose weight
  4. Eat Right - We'll teach you what to eat, what not to eat, how much and how often to eat to help you reach your goal.
  5. Track Your Progress - Periodically take new measurement and re-screen.
  6. Make Adjustments - Based off your progress, we'll tweak things as needed to make sure you stay on track.
  7. Achieve Your Goals - Follow the Plan and you will reach your goals. Just remember there are no shortcuts, slow and steady progress is best for getting rid of unwanted fat and keeping it

If you want a Fitness Program that is proven to work fill out the application form and we'll get with you to set up your Success Session right away.

Even if you have never exercised we can help you look, feel and move better than you have in years. We make sure you have the coaching and guidance you need to succeed. We work primarily with women and men in their 40s and 50's but we have clients as young as 18 and as old as 80 and they all train together and do the movements that are appropriate to them.

The sessions are challenging but there is no competition with others; you do the best YOU can do. Over time you will get better, stronger, more coordinated and feel better. Many of our clients have reduced or eliminated many of their meds, especially their blood pressure and cholesterol meds!

Even if you had a previous injury or are experiencing issues now we can help you. We've helped people fix their "bad" backs, weak hips and painful knees. OUr goal is to get you moving better than you have in years. Our movement screen gives us insight into how well you move and what areas need help and we give you the exercises to improve those areas. This ensures you will be doing the right exercises for your body and minimizes the risk of injury.

Why Should You Trust Me To Be Your Coach?

My name is Dave Randolph and I’m the Owner of Iron Body Fitness which I started as my full-time occupation in 2007 after getting laid off from an IT job.

I’ve studied the Martial Arts for over 20 years (I’m a 6th Degree Black Belt) and various disciplines of training ranging from kettlebells and clubbells where I hold some of the world’s most advanced certifications. I've also studied many courses that Physical Therapists take to learn to assess movement and provide corrective exercises when needed. The martial arts and kettlebells became my passion which is what led me to running IronBody Fitness as my livelihood. 

I’m a 57 year old who has spent much of my life learning how to help myself and others look, feel and move our best using what I learned in my martial arts practice and kettlebell training.

I've also practiced and studied yoga and advanced nutrition to help me optimize the way that I and my clients look, feel and move.

I’ve been recognized as an expert among professionals in the fitness industry, speaking at industry conferences and providing professional education to trainers aspiring to improve at their craft.

And I’ve authored four books:

Spartan Warrior Workout

Ultimate Olympic Weightlifting

The Ultimate Kettlebell Workbook 

Action Movie Hero Workouts

But most importantly, I’ve been in your shoes.

For the better part of my adult life I was an IT Professional who simply had a passion for fitness and trained myself and a select few friends. I’ve felt what a sedentary lifestyle can do to you and I’ve experienced the aging process, going from being a seemingly invincible 20 something to an over 50 year old who is aware of aches and pains.

Even if you are in your 30's, if you are stuck behind a desk or on an assembly line, you are probably starting to the feel the effects of your work. You can prevent the inevitable from happening by training with us. Stop the ravages of time now, instead of later when it may be a lot tougher!

I want to take time to thank Dave Randolph for giving me a start to a brand new me. For the last few years I have felt defeated, embarrassed and like my life was out of control. I knew I needed to change my diet and I knew I needed to start exercising but I was completely at a loss of where to start. I have the food from three different "diet programs" in my pantry right now. Nothing worked or at least they didn't work for me. It was always "Another couple hundred dollars thrown away" to be right where I started. How I received the information for this program still puzzles me but IT WAS EVERYTHING I needed to be successful. Maybe timing was right but even if it was I will tell you I cannot express how good I feel, what success I have had and most of all how proud I am of myself. Not liking the way you look messes with your head E V E R Y D A Y. Getting out of bed was the start of the disappointment - trying to find something that fit and was appropriate to wear to work was depressing. Going to lunch and dinner with friends being embarrassed because you were fat yet eating something less than healthy was defeating and worse yet the chairs were uncomfortable. I could go on and on about the horror of being fat. What I found out about this program was that others struggled too. they were there in the room with me huffing and puffing and doing what it took to get healthy. The exercise was always challenging but Dave Randolph was right there watching to be sure you were doing things the right way to protect yourself from injuries or making modifications to help you be successful. Cheryl Randolph gave us tips on what to eat, how to cook and suggestions of how to stay committed to the program through thoughtful meal preparation. My energy and my spirit has been renewed. The fact that I am carrying around 23 less pounds FEELS GOOD. I can really tell it! It's feels good to smile in the mornings. Even if you don't have weight to loose this training is marvelous. The changes to my body have been extraordinary already. I cannot wait to see what the next 6 weeks bring. I will continue with the program postings and want to thank all of you for your support and encouragement. I am one lucky lady.


Although I didn't meet my goal of 20 lbs, I lost 18lbs in 6 weeks and I'm very proud of my success! I look and feel so much better....A huge thanks to IronBody Fitness and Dave Randolph for getting me back in shape! If it weren't for you guys I would still be struggling to shed the weight.. Now it's up to me to maintain but thankfully I have learned how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


I’ve been training with IronBody Fitness for 6 months and my golf game has improved significantly. Not only that I’m pretty much pain free! I recently went on a 3 day golf outing and played 36 holes each day and I felt great. When we got home I played another 18 holes for a charity event with no problems at all, even after sitting in a car 5 hours each way.