Macros - What are they, Why they are important You may have heard someone refer to hitting their macros or the "diet" If it Fits Your Macros (IIFYM) but what is a macro? What does it mean? Macros is short for macronutrient. Macro means large as opposed to micro or small. MacroNutrients [...]

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Book Number 4

Book Number 4 on it's way to the printer 5/1/15My fourth book, this on on Olympic Weightlifting covers the 3 primary lifts: the clean, the jerk and the snatch, plus variations like the Hang power clean, Power snatch etc. While I'm known mostly as a kettlebell guy, I have [...]

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Change Your Life 2015 Winners

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Change Your Life 2015 Transformation Contest.Here are the winners The Transformation Challenge was just what I needed to help keep me motivated to make good changes in my overall health. Having not exercised for years, Dave worked with me to determine my [...]

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The Importance Of the Screens

The Movement Screen, why do we insist upon it? It allows us to ensure the movements we teach you are right for you. It lets us look at your unloaded movement patterns and if we see certain things we know there are exercises you shouldn't be doing. In those cases we will modify [...]

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Why your pushups aren’t getting better

You've been doing pushups forever but you still have to do them on your knees (boo), elevate your hands, can't get all the way down or you loose plank position on the way up. What's the deal?The pushup is just like any other exercise, to get better you have [...]

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IronBody Fitness On Fox 41 WDRB

Hey everyone, we were on live TV today! If you missed it here's the link to the video clips. We did 4 2 minute segments and teasers. Thanks to Shawn, Nathan, Bernadett, Dwight, Jodi, Jim & Terri for coming out so early and demoing the lifts! [javascript]WDRB 41 Louisville News [...]

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