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Kick Start Your Fat Loss – Tip 16


Slowly make changes to the way you eat. Change one thing at a time and you’ll find it much easier to stick with the changes.

Many people go on a “DIEt” (intentional). They decide “I want to lose weight” (instead of thinking I want to lose FAT.) They proceed to stop eating everything they enjoyed to munch on a soy burger (blecch) or other cardboard like substances.

After about a week they start craving all the things they enjoyed eating and before they know it they start sneaking something back in, then something else with a snowball effect. By then it’s “the hell with it” and they binge, so any weight loss they had is gone with the usual result of gaining more back than they lost.

When you decide to lose fat pick one thing at a time and eliminate it from your diet. For example if you drink 3 sodas per day, drop to two, then a week or so later drop it to one and finally eliminate sodas altogether. Wean yourself from them. Replace the sodas with the equivalent amount of water.

If you eat an Egg McMuffin from Mickey D’s everyday, cut back to 3 mornings per week and substitute real eggs made at home minus the bread and fatty sausage. Make an omelet with lean turkey, chicken or beef. Another option would be steel cut oatmeal mixed with fresh berries and natural or organic peanut butter and protein powder,

By slowly removing bad food choices from your diet and replacing them with healthy alternatives you’ll be more likely to stick to your new found eating habits and loose fat without worrying about the rebound effect most people have from traditional diets.

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