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Kick Start Your Fat Loss – Tip 25


Surround yourself with positive people.

I’ve heard from many clients over the years who tell me how their “friends”, co-workers, and even family, try to sabotage their fat loss. Everything from innuendos about appearance (you look like you are getting thick, you look too skinny etc.) to finding some other way to detract from the fact that my client is losing weight, gaining muscle and getting healthier.

Why do they do this? Usually because they are jealous and or insecure about themselves. They may have struggled with weight issues and yoyo diets and didn’t succeed so they want you to fail too. Family members who aren’t supportive will intentionally bring in foods, sweets, snacks etc. they know you shouldn’t be eating in an attempt to break your will power. It’s tough to resist temptation especially when you are first starting on a fat loss program and they know it.

If you have people around you like this stay away from them as best you can. As for family members you must stand your ground and make them stop the negative behavior. If they truly care about you they should be 100% supportive of you in every way.

If your “friends” give you a hard time and try to get you stop training or eating right, they aren’t your friends and you need to dump them.