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Kick Start Your Fat Loss – Tips 28 & 29

Fat Free Foods – the ultimate food industry scam! Let’s make some chemical that mimics fat for cooking purposes but can cause major intestinal problems and push it off on the public as 100% Fat Free Healthy snacks. You, the unsuspecting public says “Cool, I can eat a bag of chips and not get fat! And why not a box of cookies too, after all there is no fat in them!”

Ha, joke’s on you. You probably gained 10 lbs eating the “fat free” foods. Hmm… How did that happen? Well in addition to putting in fake fats, they also load up on salt and sugar, both of which your body craves (along with fat). These fat free foods are also typically high carb as well. Your body will store it all as fat though.

You see, it isn’t a question of how much fat a food has, it has more to do with how MUCH you eat and what your activity levels are. Eating “good” fats like nuts, avocados, fish etc. helps your body burn off fat rather than storing it but ONLY if you are sensible in how much your are eating. Typically 40-45% of your caloric intake should come from these healthy fats.

Most “fat free” foods contain a lot of sugar or starchy carbs, which are just as bad. As you know from other tips in this series, eating too much sugar/starchy carbs is worse for you than eating too much fat. Your body breaks the starches into glucose and if that isn’t utilized right away the body will then move the sugar into it’s reserve pool, your fat cells!  Not exactly what you were after when you ate that box of fat free cookies!

What to do to satisfy your fat, sugar and salt cravings? If you eat right, you should satisfy the salt and fat desires without any problem. The sugar issue…. you need to wean yourself off processed sugar. If you need something sweet eat a piece of fruit!

While we’re on the subject of cravings, many of you crave chocolate! That’s ok, just stay away from the Snickers bar! Get a good quality high % dark chocolate bar. 70% or higher. It may take getting used to but once you do you’ll wonder how you ever managed to eat sweet chocolate. Plus most of those bars are 4 servings, so just 2 or 3 pieces, which are low in calories and sugar are all you need and the intense chocolate should satisfy your cravings.