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Kick Start Your Fat Loss – Tip 31

Going out to eat at a dine-in restaurant? Watch out for the bread!! It will fill you up with empty calories, fats and sugars.

You already know to only eat nutritionally dense breads at home, so why blow your daily intake of calories, fat and carbs on cheap bread. The restaurants try to get you to fill up on the bread so they can get away with smaller portions on the entre’.

I’m a sucker for bread too, I know it’s tough to resist the bread at Macaroni Grill, Buckhead’s or O’Charlies but if you are serious about losing fat and getting toned you must not eat it!

The best thing to do is tell your server not to bring you any. If you need an appetizer eat a small house salad with no dressing or dressing on the side. The vinaigrette is your best choice.

The bread is made of white flour, low in nutritional quality, high in starchy carbs, which causes an insulin spike and gets converted to sugar, then to fat rather quickly. It’s usually covered in some sort of butter/margarine/ fake butter spread and may even be sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon! Then you’re going to eat a meal, which in itself may not be all that great a choice if you aren’t careful.

When you add it all up, one meal out with the bread could easily top 1000 calories!

 So don’t get bread at your table and save yourself some unwanted calories.

 Oh and one other thing, Panera Bread – Stay away. 1 sandwich can contain 1100 calories or more. I used to get the Italian Combo on Ciabatta bread; it tastes great. I was only eating ½ at a meal fortunately because I looked up their nutrition info online and found out the whole sandwich was 1150 calories!!

Check out Panera’s nutrition information calculator

 In checking the Italian Combo, they must have changed something because it’s now “only” 980 cals. It weighs in at 17.25oz (488g), a single sandwich, one serving! That’s over a pound!