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If you could get real food, pre-packaged, almost ready to eat and sipped to your door every month for as little as $10.70/day, what would you think? That the food must taste bad? That it’s full of preservatives and fillers? Well you’d be wrong on both counts.


MealMovement is a new type of meal program. YOU select what You want to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks (depending on the program), MealMovement prepares, freezes it in a pouch and ships it all FedEx ground in a special container to keep it frozen. All you have to do is take out a meal, and heat it up. You can use a microwave (not recommended) or remove it from the pouch an heat it conventionlly.

The food is all natural (but not Organic to keep costs down). It is prepared when you place your order not pre-manufactured. It has no fillers or preservatives. Best of all it tastes GREAT.


To get more info visit or see me to ge started.


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