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IronBody Fitness Wants YOU!

During the 6 week program you will get:

  • Private 1 hour consultation which includes a movement screen, goal setting and we’ll discuss your current nutrition and what you need to do to make it better
  • Our New Member Welcome Guide – a comprehensive manual that covers all aspects of our program including detailed instructions on our go to exercises. These are excerpts from the four books I have written
  • Access to our Private, Members Only Facebook Group
  • Weigh-ins ad body fat scans, measurements etc
  • Train up to 3 sessions per week or 6 weeks
  • Support via Facebook or email or both!
  • A Leaner, Healthier Body!

Here’s What Some of our Clients Have to Say About Us

Consistency with everything that you put in to your body is very important. It takes time. It doesn’t just happen in a week or two. The most important thing I learnt is to not depend on the scale for results. To give your body a chance to respond to the changes that were made in the diet.
Carol Beth
I had bloodwork completed during the competition, my cholesterol levels were great and my glucose levels (following breakfast) were lower than the recommended fasting glucose levels! I’ve learned that if you want a lean, toned body, the worst thing for you to do is starve yourself; in fact, you probably need to eat a LOT more, just a lot more of the right stuff.
The Transformation Challenge was just what I needed to help keep me motivated to make good changes in my overall health. Having not exercised for years, Dave worked with me to determine my abilities and helped to begin to transform my body. When I first started, I was not able to perform the Plank Maneuver–but am now proud to say that I can! I won the 2 month challenge and have now lost 24 pounds through watching what I eat and exercising 2-3 times a week with Dave. I am much stronger and my balance has also improved. I love my new healthy life and am continuing my new habits! –Kristin 1 month later and Kristin has lost another 13lbs!!

Our Personalized Group Training Program (PGTP) meets:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7a

Monday through Friday 9a

Monday, Wednesday evening 5:15p and 6:30p

Saturday 9a


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