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Who Else Wants to Burn Fat And Get Lighter & Tighter???

Try Our Transformation Program and Watch the Fat Melt Off Your Body


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Are You Ready to Change Your Body and Your Life?

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If so we can help you get the body you want. We use time tested methods based on current research to create lasting change in your body. We’ll help you reduce unwanted, unsightly fat while keeping your muscles looking strong and lean. 

Using our unique Personalized Group Training methods and making changes to your diet you will lose fat and get toned, defined and sculpted. We can help you get the butt you want without wasting your time. 3 hours a week with us is all you need. Of course if you do our recommended off day training then you’ll get even faster results.

I’m not going to kid you, it will take some serious effort, dedication and will-power. Changing your approach to eating will be a huge factor in your success. Getting in 3 sessions per week of our systematic training programs is also required if you want results that will last.

To Get started simply register for a Success Session – we’ll sit down one to one and discuss your goals what you must do to to accomplish them . We’ll also do a postural analysis and Functional Movement Screen to make sure we give you exercises that are appropriate for you so you can safely blast off the fat and sculpt your body. If you think you are ready to change your body for life then contact us to schedule your free Success Session

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  • Train with people just like you, people who are serious about losing unwanted fat and regaining their health.
  • Programs not workouts – Structured Training Programs not random workouts whose sole purpose is to make you puke.
  • Accountability –  If you miss more than 1 class you’ll hear from us! You aren’t a number or just another face in the crowd.
  • Nutrition – the most important aspect of any training system. 80% of Fat Loss is eating properly. We take out the guesswork.
  • At home and travel workouts, including interval workouts you can do at home or on the road some with bodyweight only, others with resistance bands or dumbbells
  • Periodic Re-assessment of goals and Movement Screens – So we know we’re on track. You will post monthly goals on our white board so every can see them and encourage you!
  • We make sure you are performing the exercises YOU need to be doing based upon your ability and the results of your movement screen.
[/green_tick_1_list] Any one can crush you in a workout, anyone can make you puke, anyone can make you sore for days after every workout.  If that’s what you are want you need to look elsewhere. If you are tired of your workouts beating you up and leaving you feeling worse afterwards come see how we tailor our program just for you so you will succeed. [/features_box_grey] [fusion_content_box_grey width=”75%”]

We Coach you every step of the way, as much as you need to succeed!

  • No Screaming, no in your face drill sergeant like “trainer”; we aren’t a “bootcamp”
  • Coaching, encouragement and support
  • Personalized Training Programs designed for you


Here’s how it works:

I’ve lost over 20lbs and Dave’s kettlebell training programs are THE best thing for my butt!

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  • Come in for a Free Success Session (a $79 value)
  • Attend Group Training – 3 sessions per week for 4 Weeks (a $240 Value)
  • Automatically roll into our $149.99/month 3x/wk Membership

[/red_arrow_list] The Details: The Transformation Program consists of:

  • One hour Success Session includes:
    • Discussion of your goals and to obtain them
    • Jump Start Nutrition Tips
    • A Functional Movement Screen (FMS)
      • The screen helps us ensure you are physically able to participate in our programs and allows us to identify any areas that may need special attention. If we uncover any issues we’ll give you exercises to address them.
    • Before photos and postural analysis
  • 4 Week Membership –  3 sessions/wk to kick start your fitness and nutrition
  • At Home/ On the Road Workouts. To make sure you are burning fat even you aren’t in the gym.
  • The IronBody Fitness Success Manual
  • Access to the Members Only Group on Facebook (Like Us)
    • Access the IronBody Fitness 21 day meal plans for Women & Men
    • Video of the exercises done in training
    • Member’s only articles and info
[fusion_testimonial1 author=”Dawn”]“2012 is the year for me to put up or shut up.   


Photos from Jan 2012 through Jan 2013


[features_box_green width=”75%” + border=”1px”]For years, I have yo-yo’d with my weight. Being an emotional eater for most of my life I have been up and down on the scale which I know is dangerous. After reaching my highest weight several years ago I hit rock bottom. I decided to pull myself up and take control. On my own I lost 70 pounds. Then over the next couple of years I gained and lost and gained and lost 20 of those pounds back and forth, over and over. In January of this year, I decided enough was enough…In those 8 weeks, I lost 21 lbs, many, many inches overall and am stronger than I’ve ever been in my whole life. I won Dave’s competition and I’m still going strong. It is clear that the strength training and conditioning from the kettlebell classes along with eating right is what will get me in the shape I’ve always wanted. The Tough Mudder is in October and I have no doubt that I am going to kill it!”
[/features_box_green][/testimonial1] In just 2 months Dawn lost 21.8 lbs, dropped 3.9% fat, gained 1.3% of muscle, lost 2 3/8″ from her chest and 5 1/4″ from her waist! Since the end of April she has lost another 8lbs. As of 10-5-12 she has lost 40lbs and just competed in a Tough Mudder! She has also run the Marine Marathon in Washington D.C. and ran in the Thanksgiving Day Reindeer run placing 2nd in her age group! Dawn is very close to losing 100lbs!! The last picture, taken 1/7/13 after one year of training at IronBody and ever so close to her goal of dropping 100lbs! Lizzet Verdi – Lost 20lbs in 3 months. Dropped her body fat from 47.2% to 40.4% and increased her Muscle Mass from 22.9% to 26.1%. Her hips went from 44 1/2 to 40 and her waist shrunk from 37 7/8 to 34 1/2! LizzetVerdi Before-After

[features_box_green width=”75%” + border=”1px”]Out of all of the participants in the Today’s Woman Challenge, I believe I had the best trainer and gym which was why I had extraordinary results. The time commitment was something doable even with a full-time job and family. That hour flew by and I couldn’t be happier with my results. Working out with kettlebells changed my physique dramatically and in all of the areas I wanted it to – it helped lift my buttocks, tone my legs and flatten my stomach. My favorite part about working out at Iron Body Fitness is the personal attention you get at each and every class. It’s the benefit of a personal trainer without the limited schedules or high cost. Dave makes sure that what you are doing is right for you – I have knee problems and he showed me how to do the exercises without hurting or causing any further damage to my knees. He cares about his clients and makes sure that your goals are being met Kettlebell workouts can sound intimidating or difficult. Dave’s instruction takes all the fear out of working out with heavy weights and Kettlebells. At any given class it’s amazing to see a group made up of all levels of training and condition, doing the same workout. I’m convinced that this is a better, more efficient way of working out and would find it difficult to go back to training any other way. [/features_box_green] [show-mailchimp-form formkey=”ZDJjM2UzMWM3OWQ,” version=”inline”]
[guarantee_box_1 title=”Our 100% Money Back Guarantee”]If, after following our trial program including our nutrition recommendations, you don’t look and feel better or haven’t lost fat we’ll gladly refund your money. That’s right! If we don’t do our job we’ll give you your money back. [/guarantee_box_1]

[features_box_green width=”75%” + border=”1px”]Dave Randolph is great! Don’t think you’re too old to lose a couple pounds and build a little muscle. Muscle helps your balance as you age and burns more calories; it helps keep our bones strong to lift weights. Mike and I have been going to classes at IronBody for about eight months and we’re very pleased to announce that Mike is no longer pre-diabetic. [His doc was very surprised and said only about 12% of patients listen to what he says.] Mike’s lost 12 pounds and has built some great muscle. I too have lost some lbs but not as many as I’d like but I have built more muscles than I’ve ever had in my life so DON’T mess with me!! Seriously Dave is a great trainer. He makes certain you are lifting properly so as not to hurt yourself. He mixes lifting with aerobics which is exactly what we all need to increase endurance, lose weight and gain flexibility and balance, and he’s very much in line with today’s cutting edge research in fitness. Give him a try. I’ll bet you continue long after your initial deal. We did!!

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Stop wasting your time and money on fads and gimmicks that don’t work and on gyms that don’t care about whether succeed or not. Try the IronBody Fitness – Transformation Program and see what you can accomplish!

The group training sessions currently meet:

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday 7am
  • Monday & Wednesday ONLY 5:15pm, 6:30pm
  • Friday 6pm
  • Monday through Saturday 9a

We also offer private and semi-private training. 

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