The Importance Of the Screens

The Movement Screen, why do we insist upon it? It allows us to ensure the movements we teach you are right for you. 

It lets us look at your unloaded movement patterns and if we see certain things we know there are exercises you shouldn’t be doing. In those cases we will modify

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Why your pushups aren’t getting better

You’ve been doing pushups forever but you still have to do them on your knees (boo), elevate your hands, can’t get all the way down or you loose plank position on the way up. What’s the deal?

The pushup is just like any other exercise, to get better you have

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IronBody Fitness On Fox 41 WDRB

Hey everyone, we were on live TV today! If you missed it here’s the link to the video clips. We did 4 2 minute segments and teasers.

Thanks to Shawn, Nathan, Bernadett, Dwight, Jodi, Jim & Terri for coming out so early and demoing the lifts!

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Back to School Winners

We are proud to announce the winners of our 2014 Back to School Transformation Challenge!

Penny Before AfterFirst Place – Penny Gross – Lost 9 inches and 15 lbs $500
The transformation challenge was certainly a challenge but well worth it. I’m not going to lie, the exercise sessions were tough and

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Stretch your hamstrings it feels good. Stretch your back if you strain it. Loosen up your quads. Stretch before you do any exercise.

Common refrains from most trainers and even more so, those who teach/practice martial arts. I’m here to tell you, stop the madness….

Ok, well don’t stop but

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More on Stretching

Stretching your back because your back hurts is not a good idea. In many cases tight or sore lower back is caused by muscle imbalances between the front (anterior) and back (posterior) sides of the body. Most people have short tight quads and long, weak hamstrings and non-existent glutes. The

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Okay, I’m Ready!

A Guest Post from Lucy Hendricks as published on

Okay, I’m Ready

When a client is done with their breathing exercises, I can hear their nervous system submitting; “Okay, I’m ready to learn.”

This response is quite an improvement from the initial, “I have no idea what I’m doing

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Breathing for Performance

In the last article we discussed the overall process of breathing, what happens when you breathe poorly and one method to work on to help restore your natural breathing. In this article we’ll talk about Mouth Breathers.

Mouth Breathing – inhaling and exhaling through the mouth continually even at rest.

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Chicago Kettlebell Classic 2014

     dave3    dwight1   dwight4

Dwight Pridham & I competed Saturday, June 7th, at the Chicago Kettlebell Classic held at the Hyatt Regency in the Rosemont area of Chicago. Rock Cox and the Chicago Kettlebell Club put on a great event. Very professional, well run and on time.


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Breathing 101

Breathe, Breathe in the Air, Don’t Be Afraid to Care….

Failure to breathe properly can cause a number of problems, from headaches and tight/sore neck muscles, to anxiety, to poor posture and back problems. Increased stress, poor sleep, fuzzy head/problems thinking, problems with concentration (maybe you don’t really have ADHD).

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