Foam Rolling

Please download this file and read it. It details the foam roller, LaCrosse Ball (LaX ball) and stick self-massage tools to improve mobility, reduce tension and improve blood flow.

It is based on your FMS screen (your colored wrist bands)

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IronBody Fitness SMFR manual


Depending on your browser you

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Back To School Transformation Challenge Results

Congratulations to everyone who finished our IronBody Fitness Back to School Transformation Challenge which ran from 9/16-11/9 2013. Everyone did great and we awarded $1250 in cash.

CarolBeth Kelly won the best overall transformation and received $250 in cash.

The team of Mary Knopf and Trey and Dakotah DeRoche was

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Correctives Posters

Here are the links to the two posters we’ll be putting up at IronBody Fitness soon. These will show what you should and shouldn’t be doing based on your color coded bands and correctives to do instead.





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The Easiest Way to Get Stronger

What’s the fastest and easiest way to lift more weight today than yesterday? It’s not simply adding weight to the bar, sure you might improve on your 1 RM lift but I’m talking about is being able to consistently lift heavier weights in all exercises for 5 or more reps

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Frequent Headaches?

Do you suffer from frequent headaches in the temple area? Do you have a hard time catching your breathe in normal situations? Do you feel anxious or more stressed than you should?Do you also sit hunched over a computer or drive all day? If you answered yes to any of

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Breathe Like A Baby

Breathe Like A Baby 
June 8 10:15-11:45a

Watch a baby breathe, watch how it leans to go from face down to face up to crawling on hands and knees to kneeling and reaching to standing and walking. Can you move like that? My guess is probably not. Somewhere along

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Cookout for a Cause

Here’s another challenge, less demanding and requires lower level kettlebell skills.

25 dead cleans r/l
25 inverted rows
100 mtn climbers (50 r/l)
25 unicycle r/l
25 super planks
25 goblet squats
25 high pulls r/l

I did it today in 9:55 with a 24k (green) bell

As Fast As

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