Breathe Like A Baby

Breathe Like A Baby 
June 8 10:15-11:45a

baby squat

Watch a baby breathe, watch how it leans to go from face down to face up to crawling on hands and knees to kneeling and reaching to standing and walking. Can you move like that? My guess is probably not. Somewhere along the course of going from baby to child to teenager and adult we lose a lot of the skills we had as a baby. Watch a bay squat; their form is perfect! Head and spine are aligned, torso is between the hips and hips are below the knees, effortlessly. Why can they squat and you can’t? One big reason is your breathing.

Over time things change and your breathing patterns go from ideal to limited, from breathing in 3 dimensions to breathing only in the upper front of your body. This means you are using a very small portion of the lungs and using the wrong muscle to inhale and exhale.

Is your neck always tight? Do you get a lot of headaches? Chances are you are breathing using your neck muscles which happens when under stress or your proper breathing muscles – the diaphragm, your abs, your chest and your back aren’t working properly.

The goal of this workshop is to show you how to breathe like a baby as as step toward regaining your lost mobility and stability. The workshop fees will be 100% donated to our Revolution For A Cause Fundraiser – Splash for Cystic Fibrosis.
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