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Which program is right for you??

If you want the best results and you want 100% customized training and nutrition then Personal Training is the way to go. If you like training with others then the Personalized Group program is for you. If you can't train in either of our in person programs then consider our Online Training program. It's the same as our in-person, Personal Training solution but delivered via my online training app and includes videos of all the exercises and support via email or Messenger.

Personal Tra​ining

One on One Private sessions, with programs designed specifically for you. I take every aspect of your health, movement abilities, skill, and past injuries and lifestyle into account when creating your training program.

Personalized Group Training

Our Most Popular Program - Group Training with up to 15 people at once. Every movement is modified to suit you within a group setting.
We limit class size so we can provide quality training to everyone in the group.

Online Training

Can't train at IronBody Fitness?? We offer individualized training and nutrition programs via easy to use apps or your desktop browser
Online training gives you the ultimate in flexibility. You can train at whatever time is convenient for you.

Nutrition Coaching

Need help with learning what and how to eat? We now offer Nutrition Coaching to teach you all you need to know to improve your health, lose fat, build muscle and feel better.

What Our Clients Say

Bill Higgins

If you want to look better, feel better, be stronger, and move better, then Iron Body Fitness is the place for you. Need to lose 20 pounds or more? Don't want to lose anything but gain muscle tone and be more flexible. Go to see Dave Randolph at Iron Body Fitness. All you have to do is commit and show up. Dave has everything else you need but he can't do the work for you. I highly recommend Dave and IBF to anyone looking to challenge themselves, to start a fitness program or to improve their overall health. I am dumbfounded that there aren't people waiting in line to get into Iron Body Fitness. No frills, just great people and super workouts. Do yourself a favor and check it out. It may change your life.

Kim White

I started the IronBody challenge (keto challenge) this past September. At the end of the challenge I lost 24.6lbs, starting weight of 173.6 and ending weight at 149.

The challenge didn't stop there for me, I have continued on the keto lifestyle and since the end of the challenge I have lost another 11LBS! I am at 138LBS!

It's been 5 months since I've started this journey with Dave Randolph at Ironbody Fitness and I couldn't be happier! Thank you Dave for all you have taught me on this journey, you have changed my life, this was not a "diet" to me, this is a lifestyle change that I plan to keep for years to come!

Jeff Russell

I have tried several different diet/exercise plans before going to iron body fitness. Ultimately I think I had failed at each of these because there was a fundamental lack of accountability in the programs and I didn't have enough self-discipline to manufacture that accountability myself. Dave Randolph was able to provide that accountability that has ultimately lead to me starting a healthier era of my life. I started The challenge at 248 pounds. And completed it 10 weeks later at 229 pounds. I also broke the gym sled record! It has been one of the most successful weight last endeavors that I have undergone. I highly recommend it to anybody who is trying to juggle work life and personal development. Dave, his wife, Hope and Cash, and the other members provide a warm environment where one feels accepted and welcome to do what they can without judgement. Dave is a friend and mentor and I thank him for his diligence. Ican't wait for the next challenge on Jan 15!

Jenny Brown

My husband and I found Iron Body Fitness after having our first child and realized we needed to take care of ourselves if we were going to take care of a child. I was a fitness class junkie with yoga and Zumba and everything else, however, I always found myself getting bored and finding reasons not to go.

I had never lifted weights before but loved the challenge of learning something new. Iron Body's group classes are perfect because they create a community that keeps you motivated, but also work at your individual level so that I am always being challenged and never bored.

Coach Dave does an amazing job at not only coaching to all levels in fitness but is also great at guiding you through your diet to help you reach your health goals.

After my first child I was able to get to my high school weight in a healthy way and then Dave guided me through my workouts while pregnant with my second child. Now, as a mom of 2, I thought it would be harder to make it to the classes, but I love the community and the challenge so much that I am still motivated to come to class. It's not a hassle or a burden, it's a priority for the health of my family and my own self-care.

I love it so much, Dave is teaching me how to coach so I can help run classes

Jennifer Brown

Carl Gloede

Reflecting of a 6 week challenge.
To begin, considerable thanks to Dave and Cheryl at IronBody Fitness. Dave provides challenging work outs that hit every part of your body. Programed in a thoughtful manner to allow for accommodations for each individuals uniqueness, such as my new hip and my screwed up knee. Cheryl has done wonders with my tight shoulders to allow for more normal movements.

The plan is fairly strait forward, eat healthy following nutrition plan and work out. No excuses. Denise has provided her support and together we are looking forward to the beginning of the next 6 week challenge next week. I will have to start looking for new pants or a smaller belt.

Let Me Guide You to a Fit & Healthy Life!


My sole purpose is to help you regain your youthfulness by improving movement, mobility, flexibility, strength, and stamina. I also look closely at your current eating habits and work with you on developing them so you will have more energy and feel better.

I teach my clients how to exercise correctly to reach their fitness goals, and I also show them how to change the habits which are detrimental to their health and replace them with practices to build a healthy lifestyle.

To find out how I can help you, schedule a free Success Session by clicking the button below. We will meet and discuss, in detail, your goals and how I can help you achieve them.

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