Personalized Group Fitness

Does this sound like you?

In high school you played one or more sports and were healthy and fit. You went to college and tried to stay active but you gained the college 15 and your fitness levels declined as you went through school, but you were still in decent shape.

You graduated college and went to work for a corporation, or maybe you stayed in school and got an advanced degree. Either way you got out less, became more sedentary and gained more weight, seemingly overnight

You got married and had kids, you were working 50, 60 or more hours a week and barely had time for family, outside weekends and the occasional vacation. Your weight continued to go up and you started feeling poorly. You were no longer fit and you grew a belly. You started having health issues and were feeling tired all the time. Your energy levels were gone.

Problem #1: You Are Overweight and can't get it off, or keep it off

You've tried the fad diets and you lost weight but still felt miserable and when you stopped the diet the fat came right back.

Solution: Change how you approach your eating habits

Stop dieting and focus on the quality of the food. Fresh meat and veggies have a lot more nutrients than fast food. You'll eat less but get full and stay full longer. You should also start to feel better since you are getting more vitamins and minerals. Make small changes to your eating habits over time rather a massive change all at once.

Problem #2: Your fitness level is non-existent

You struggle to keep up with your kids or grandkids, you have a hard time climbing stairs or working in the yard

Solution: Strength and Conditioning  2 or 3 times per week

Our comprehensive group fitness program will build your stamina and strength so that you will not only be able to work around the house, you'll be able to get out and be active again. Hiking, golfing, tennis or other activities that you've been struggling with will become much easier and much more enjoyable.

We use a combination of weight training with Kettlebells, resistance bands, and bodyweight to build strength and power (very important, especially as you get older) and conditioning for cardiovascular and muscular endurance.
Or: We build strength and burn fat!

Problem #3: You have Knee, Back or Shoulder issues or Pain during certain movements or exercises

Squats, bother your knees, Pushups bother your shoulders, deadlifts or swings bother your back

Solution: Pay attention to proper form, and rebuild yourself from the ground up

  • Make sure you are using the right muscle groups on the exercises you are having issues with
  • Go Lighter
  • Move deliberately and with control
  • Do a similar movement that doesn't cause problems

Problem #4: You feel rundown the day after a training session

You don't seem to recover well after a session

Solution: Back off the amount of weight you are using, reduce hard interval workouts to 1 per week

  • Going heavy all the time fries your central nervous system. If you don't vary the load your body never gets a chance to recover
  • Doing hard, intense intervals more than twice per week also hits the CNS hard, cut back on the HITT sessions
  • Get outside and go for a walk,
  • Make most of your training session moderate. You should feel better after the workout than you did before
  • Make sure you are eating well. Improve your diet by reducing junk food and eating more lean protein, healthy fats and veggies

Are you ready?

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