8 Week Transformation Program!

Here are the complete rules:
  • You can choose to pay a flat, non-refundable fee of $249 or a refundable deposit of $497
  • The DEPOSIT of $497 is fully refundable when you meet all the requirements below. There is no refund and no rollover if you chose to pay the flat fee of $249
  • If you are doing the refundable deposit, you MUST lose at least 15lbs during the program. Your Final weight must be at LEAST 15lbs less than your start weight.
  •  If you are doing the refundable deposit: If you have multiples of 15lbs (30lbs or more) you will continue to do challenges until you no longer have 15lbs to lose. We have had many people do 3 or 4 challenges back to back (60-80 lbs lost!)
  • You must check-in on Facbook to our PAGE every time you workout
  • You MUST train at the gym at least 3 days per week. You may train up to 5 days/week
  • You must weigh in every Monday
  • You must allow us to take videos and pictures of the weigh-ins an during classes to be used at our discretion on Facebook, our website(s) or any other media
  • You MUST maintain a positive attitude, no whining allowed or you may be disqualified
  • We will be sending you lessons via email every day you must do them and respond. The emails are how we educate you and teach you new habits for your new lifestyle
  • If you chose the Keto Program, you will be given your calories and macro nutrient amounts after your initial weigh-in. You MUST use our app, Cronometer, to track your food. I will create your account and enter all the pertinent data into the app for you.
  • You must change your Facebook profile pic to our Challenge logo
  • In the event you cannot complete the Challenge , for any reason (illness, injury, etc.), we will hold your deposit until you can rejoin us.

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