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Want To Look AMAZING In A Little Black Dress In Just 28 Days?

We’ll show you the most tried-and-true approach for melting off inches (& keeping them off!) WITHOUT extreme diets or exercise so you can ALWAYS be ready to wear your favorite little black dress!

Imagine throwing on a little black dress and LOVING how your legs, arms, and tummy look in just 28 days from now…

Sound too good to be true?

The fact is, just ONE month of shifting your habits can make a huge difference in how you look and feel - if you know what to do.

Unfortunately, so many women make the mistake of going to extremes to try to drop a dress size…

Mistakes Like...
  • Replacing meals with shakes
  • Over-restricting calories
  • Cutting out carbs or fats
  • Resorting to diet pills
  • Or over-exercising to try to “outwork” their diet slip-ups

The problem is...NONE of those strategies are sustainable.

And if you’re like most women who try these quick-fix approaches…

You’ve probably experienced some initial “wins” only to gain back MORE than you lost the moment you give into your hunger and have a REAL, enjoyable meal.

Frustrating, right?

But what if you could see dramatic results in 28 days...

WITHOUT going to extremes?

And actually ENJOY the process of melting off inches & keeping them off?

The Little Black Dress Project 2.0!

An all-levels 28-day program to help you get results FAST with an approach that’s so simple, straightforward, and sustainable you’ll never feel like you’re “crash dieting” or missing out on your favorite foods! 

Little Black Dress

What’s great about The Little Black Dress Project 2.0 is that you can “rinse and repeat” what you learn any time you feel like you need a little boost…

OR you can keep it going as long as you want after the 28 days are over!

Everything you learn and implement in this program is:

  • Budget-Friendly
  • Easy to do
  • Requires ZERO equipment, supplements, or shakes

And, gives you the tools to improve your relationship with food, your body, and the scale

So if you’re someone who’s TOTALLY OVER the struggle to get fit…

This is for you!

By The End Of The 28-Day Program, You Will:

  • Walk away with an understanding of what to eat for real, sustainable weight loss without feeling deprived
  • Feel comfortable planning & prepping meals that support your goals AND taste amazing
  • Drop inches, pounds, and body fat and keep them off
  • And of course, look and feel amazing in your little black dress! (And bikini… and skinny jeans… and tank top… you get the picture!)

Meet Your Coach!

Dave Randolph

I've been helping women over 40 lose fat and get into their skinny jeans, for over 15 years!