The NutritionOS 8 Week Coaching Program

The next nutritionOS program starts April 3, 2023


Do you answer Yes or any or all of these questions?

  • Have you been on every fad diet out there?
  • Have you lost tons of weight, only to put it all back on again?
  • Are you sick and tired of dieting and are looking for freedom with food PLUS results?

What is the solution??

Enter NutritionOS...the Lasting Solution for People Who are Tired of the Diet Roller Coaster.

Dear Friend,

I've partnered with world-renowned nutrition expert, Dr. Mike Roussell to bring you NutritionOS - a one-of-a-kind nutrition coaching system that will finally allow you to get the results you want and deserve while employing an approach to eating that is fun, sustainable and delicious.

With NutritionOS, we combine ALL of the factors involved in eating that work together to accelerate your progress and get you results and allow you to maintain those results for a lifetime - and we do it in just 8 short weeks.

When you join NutritionOS, we walk you through the 8 weeks, step-by-step.

 I'll be your personal coach, but I'm also going to give you a detailed yet simple step-by-step plan to follow that will remove all the confusion from eating for results.

You'll also receive the motivation & accountability you need to guarantee that you never get stuck or fall into that diet roller-coaster trap again.

NutritionOS will knock down every obstacle that has stood in your path before when it comes to diet & weight loss to ensure you reach your goals once and for all!

Here's Your NutritionOS Program Outline

Goal-Setting & Measuring Results

  • The two kinds of goals that you need to set for success (most people miss this by 50%).

  • How to pull the emotional heart strings that are needed to hardwire your motivation to your goals into your brain.

  • A paint by numbers simple process for knowing what to do next to meet your weight loss goals.

  • Dispelling some common nutrition myths (carbs make you fat, counting calories, you can choose diet OR exercise to lose weight...).

The 6 Pillars of Nutrition

  • Overview of the 6 simple steps of organizing your food intake (this is Dr. Mike's same framework that has been used by Hollywood Stars, Professional Athletes, and more for the last decade).
  • Simple, but detailed, personalized action plans to ensure that you are able to put each of the 6 Pillars of Nutrition in play in your life day in and day out.

Meal Prep

  • Learn Black-belt level meal prep hacks that don't require 57 pieces of tupperware or 5 hours on a Sunday afternoon.
  • Understand the importance of Food Logistics for pain free meal planning.
  • Implementation strategies.
  • Have the ability to choose from a menu of meal preparation strategies - so that you can use the one that works in YOUR life.

Eating Out

  • The simple "homework" steps that you need to take for making eating out a no brainer instead of a stressor.

  • Unlock the magic of pre-eating for crushing cravings and becoming immune to food temptations while eating out.

  • Get access to the Menu Terminology Cheat sheet so that you never fall victor to menu marketing again.


  • Learn how to identify if your weight has actually plateaued or if something else is going on (we'll tell you what 'something else' likely is too!).

  • Demystify weight loss plateaus with the NutritionOS choose your own adventure method for breaking through any weight loss plateau. Your morning mood is proven to carry into the rest of your day.

Creating Your Healthy Ecosystem

  • Learn how to carefully curate the people around you for maximum weight loss success.

  • Exactly what you need to tell the people in your life to avoid relationship sabotage.

  • How to get your friends and family to give you the exact help and support you need (we'll give you the script to use!).

  • The 3 key environments that you need to set up for weight loss success and what you need to do in each of them.

You'll also get...

Motivation & Accountability - Overcome Your Top 2 Obstacles ~ No Motivation & No Consistency. We’ll solve both to make sticking to your weight loss journey easy and enjoyable! 

6 Weeks of Coaching Zooms - Each week you’ll join me on a coaching Zoom to go over that week’s lesson, keep you on track and troubleshoot any issues that come your way. 

Private Nutrition OS Community - Between each Zoom, you’ll have access to me in our private online community to answer any question you have and provide you with the accountability & motivation you need for success.

...And More!

Program Details:

Weekly Coaching Meetings: Date/Time TBD (All Meetings Are Recorded So You Can Watch At Your Convenience

If you're ready to totally transform the way you look & feel - and dramatically increase your energy and confidence over the next 6 weeks - then I strongly recommend you take advantage of this limited-time opportunity to join us in the NutritionOS Coaching Program today by click the Join Now button below.

nutritionOS - $199 

Add-on 8 weeks of Group or Online Training 3 sessions per week $150, a $320 value