The Anti Boot Camp

BootCamps and Crossfit – the current crazes in fitness these days. It seems like BootCamps and CrossFit gyms are popping up on every corner. A Google search shows 25-30 bootcamps in Metro Louisville and 4 CrossFit facilities in the Jtown area alone! The problem is anyone can start a bootcamp and it only takes $3000 to become a CrossFit affiliate. They require little to no training or education to open, anyone can hang out a sign and call themselves a coach or a personal trainer.

Ask yourself –

  • Do they have the background and experience to help you with your health and fitness goals? We do. IronBody Fitness has been helping people lose fat, get stronger, move and feel better since January 2007!
  • Does your bootcamp or gym provide personalized programs or do they make you do the same thing as everyone else regardless of your ability? Our Personalized Group Training Program (PGTP) allows us to tailor all our workouts to the individual. Knees hurt and can’t squat? We’ll show you what to do instead and help get you out of pain
  • Do they make you workout until you are ready to puke? There’s no point in that, no reason for it. You have to train hard and challenge yourself but you should feel better after a workout no like you got run over by a truck

Most people want a sensible fitness program as opposed to being run into the ground every single session. That’s why we provide you with programming that will help you reach your goals, coaching to make sure you are using proper form and don’t get hurt. The personal attention you get makes sure the program we designed for you is working for you. That’s what makes us unique. 

We offer group training that is tailored to your skills, ability and any issues you may have (like a shoulder injury) and we work with you to work around or rehab any current injuries.  How do we determine what you should be doing? By scheduling a one on one Success Session.

During your Success Session we go over your goals and take you through a Functional Movement Screen. The screen shows the areas you need to work in order to prevent injuries and be at your best. The goal setting session let’s us know exactly what you want to accomplish.

Once you’ve met with us, at no charge by the way, we will create a specific warm-up for you and modify the group workout to maximize your results.

Workouts should be challenging, and ours certainly are, but we look at the big picture. Our programs are designed to create a solid foundation and then we build on it. It’s just like building a house, if your base is small or unstable you’ll never be your best no matter how strong. In fact, adding strength to an unstable base can actually cause more problems and increase the chance of injury. 

Get Started Now by Setting up your Free Success Session!

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“The Fitness Industry has Failed You.”

  • Big-box health clubs herd thousands of members through their doors with little if any concern for their success.
  • Gimmick after gimmick being sold on late night infomercials, all promising incredible results with little if any work.
  • Fat Loss Pills promising 30lbs of weight loss in 30 days
  • Diet Scams promising miracle weight loss with no effort on your part
  • Random Workouts with no thought to anything except making you so sore and tired you can’t move the next day
  • Workouts that leave you wiped out, exhausted, with no energy left for anything else the rest of the day
  • Crazy Exercises that look cool but only a very few elite level athletes can do them. And even they probably shouldn’t be.

Finally – A solution to fixing the fitness industry and helping people reach their fitness and fat loss goals –  Elite Level Coaching and Programming

If you’re looking for rows and rows of shiny, selectorized equipment or promises of washboard abs without doing any work, then IronBody Fitness is probably not for you. If you are looking to get crushed every workout you need to look elsewhere. But if you want personalized programming, someone to genuinely care about you and your goals and motivation and guidance from some of the top fitness professionals in the world, then you’ve come to the right place.  

Fitness Solutions That Meet Your INDIVIDUAL NEEDS –  The IronBody Fitness System is the product of over 20 years of martial arts training, fitness and nutritional research and hands on experience working with people just like you. We have helped hundreds, if not thousands, of people lose fat, improve mobility and balance and build strength using kettlebells as our primary strength and fat burning training tool. 

Why Train with me? I’ve been training others in martial arts since 1991 and I;ve been teaching kettlebells since 2002. No one else in the area has my level of skills and knowledge on health, nutrition and fitness. At 56 I’m in better shape now than I was at 30 and better than most people half my age. 

In addition I’ve written 4 books covering everything from the “300” workout to Kettlebells and Olympic weightlifting

IronBody Fitness is first and foremost about helping you succeed. To do that, our programs must be tailored to meet to your personal goals at your current level of fitness.

Whether it’s in a private, semi-private or group personal training format we will work one-on-one with you to create the most effective (and safest) training program imaginable. IronBody Fitness’s training staff possesses both the knowledge and the skills to coach you to achieve your goals. Through the FMS and postural photos we determine the best training program for your needs. Furthermore, we are experts with exercise progressions and regressions so we can easily tailor any exercise to your specific level.  Finally, the IronBody team is made up of dedicated individuals who make it a habit to go above and beyond. We will gladly take the time to visit with you to discuss your personal programming needs and do whatever it takes to help you succeed.

Programs That Produce RESULTS! 

IronBody Fitness believes in ensuring 100% client satisfaction. That is why we go to such lengths to help you achieve your fitness goals. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, improve your health or increase your performance, we’re dedicated to helping you succeed. In addition, we truly want you to enjoy the experience at IronBody Fitness. Fitness should be fun! 

At IronBody Fitness, we want you to be confident and excited about your decision to join us. That’s why we have a no questions asked cancellation polcy. Once you sign up for a 3, 6 or 12 month membership you may cancel at anytime with the first 30 days, no questions asked. 

We’re so confident that you’re going to love working with us that we have no problem letting you take us for a “test drive.”

So if you’re tired of health clubs that just rent you access to their equipment but don’t care if you ever actually use it, and you’re ready to work with your own coach to finally reach all of your fitness goals, then give us a try.  Just fill out the form below to schedule your free Success Session!

For years, I have yo-yo’d with my weight. Being an emotional eater for most of my life I have been up and down on the scale which I know is dangerous. After reaching my highest weight several years ago I hit rock bottom. I decided to pull myself up and take control. On my own I lost 70 pounds. Then over the next couple of years I gained and lost and gained and lost 20 of those pounds back and forth, over and over. In January of this year, I decided enough was enough…In those 8 weeks, I lost 21 lbs, many, many inches overall and am stronger than I’ve ever been in my whole life. I won Dave’s competition and I’m still going strong. It is clear that the strength training and conditioning from the kettlebell classes along with eating right is what will get me in the shape I’ve always wanted. The Tough Mudder is in October and I have no doubt that I am going to kill it!”
Dawn Johnston

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