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Have you been looking for a good reason to transform your body and get in the best shape of your life?


We are going to give you the secrets to fat loss that no one wants to share with you!  We are going to put you on the fast track to success!

We have your reason!  Over the course of 10 weeks IronBody Fitness/ Fitness Revolution Louisville is holding a Back to School Fat Loss Transformation Challenge!

The hardest part about starting your fitness journey and changing the way you look and feel is getting started.

Starting a new program is scary, it is tough and most likely you have failed at it before.  Be honest…. How many times have you attempted to go on a diet, start a new program or transform your body on your own and failed?  I would guess, if you are like the typical American that you can’t count them on one hand.

You are not alone!  Millions of Americans each year go through the holidays getting fatter and hoping that come January 1st they will magically be given the discipline and motivation to change their eating habits and lifestyle habits to get fit.   They sign up for gym memberships, buy diet plans and books and start their routine.

The routine lasts for a few weeks at best and they are right back to where they started and back on track to continue their path to being fat, out of shape and unhappy.

Does this sound familiar?   It did to Dawn, the winner of our last contest

Dawn – Before and After our 8 Week Contest – lost 21lbs of fat!

You probably aren’t that far gone!  I have some good news for you, no matter how poor your fitness or diet is currently you can always get better.  We have worked with people in the worst condition imaginable and brought them back to life!  A life that they can enjoy running with their kids, doing things the loved doing, and being happy again.

With the right plan you can make all of the changes you hope to make each year and more.  There is no telling how far you can take your fitness levels and what kind of shape you can get yourself into when you have the right support system and program in place.
We could sit here and tell you about all the benefits of our program.  You will lose fat, learn how to eat right and get the best training program possible.  We guarantee that!  Our coaches are the best in the world at what they do.  We have coaches teaching some of the top fitness pros in the country. We’ve been featured on WHAS-11, FoxTV, written two international best selling books with another on the way, and spoken at several industry events!

We get results!  Flat out results.  If we don’t we GUARANTEE your money back!

Sally R Nov 2010, Jan 2012 38+ pounds

All you have to do is follow the program we put in front of you and you will notice changes daily.

This contest will provide you with an easy to follow meal plan and even provide a done for your meal solution if you are willing to make the commitment to making the biggest possible transformation!  It simply won’t get any easier OR any better than this!

You can choose from 3 personalized group fitness workouts OR 3 semi-private training workouts each week to help you get in shape and build the body of your dreams.

You will get a simple and easy to follow meal plan that is 100% guaranteed to get you results.  No counting calories or measuring foods.  Just simple, healthy eating to get you on track and dropping pounds.
On top of all that you get at home training resources, motivational email support and world class coaching.

If that isn’t enough to get you the result you have wanted I don’t know what will!

The best part is still to come!

Our winner will get a 12 month membership, a 60 minute massage from Cheryl’s Essential Massage plus cold, hard cash!  What else could you ask for?

This should honestly be a no-brainer for you if you have ever wanted motivation, accountability and perfect set up for success!

If you have ever wanted to get in the best shape of your life, have someone give you the perfect plan to do it and have it be made as easy as possible this is the perfect program for you.

Don’t wait around as we only have 20 14 spots left.  This is to ensure that we can provide the best possible training and support to all of our contestants. Don’t let your fears or uncertainty stand in the way.  We are offering a 100% money back guarantee that you will drop weight, you will get in shape and you will see results.


Wait!  We have to clear up one thing!

Don’t sign up for this program if you think you aren’t capable of getting the body of your dreams, if you aren’t committed about seeing the best results possible, or if you aren’t willing to put your best foot forward and change your life forever.  If that describes you then it is better if you leave this website right now.

If you are ready to make the best decision of your life and take part in our Transformation Contest all you have to do is fill out the form below.


 The contest will run from 8/20/2012-10/26/2012.  

12 Month Membership, Massage and Cash are up for grabs


Transformation Challenge Rules and Info

 Current Full/Active Member* Entry Fees (Fees will be waived with purchase of Personal Trainer Foods!)

*Current member means anyone on a 3 month or longer membership. 1 month trials, Living Social, TryItLocal or other deal of the day trials are NOT full members

  • $49 per includes entry into contest and online access to at home workouts, nutrition plans and support from coaches.

 NEW Member Entry Fees (including those on any type of Introductory Special e.g. Living Social, TryItLocal, Groupon etc.)

  • $159 includes 10 weeks of personalized group fitness workouts (30 total workouts available), Orientation if necessary, entry into the contest, online access to the at home workouts, nutrition plans and support from coaches.
  •  $299 includes 10 weeks of semi-private training workouts (30 workouts total available), entry into the contest, online access to the at home workouts, nutrition plans and support from coaches.

Grand Prizes

 12 Month Membership and other prizes to the greatest TRANSFORMATION* in 10 weeks!

(*Results based on greatest percentage of body fat lost, results of before and after pictures, inches lost and pant/dress sizes lost.)


Regardless of the membership package that a person chooses they will be eligible for all prizes

  1. Participants can be current active/full members, new or past members
  2. The beginning weigh-in and measurements must take place between 8/18/12 – 8/24/12.  The final weigh in must be completed between 10/26/12 – 11/2/12.
  3. All contestants must check in to their coach at each visit to IronBody Fitness/ Fitness Revolution Louisville
  4. All contestants must complete the information and liability forms.
  5. All contestants are recommended to complete four (4) workouts per week in a combination of strength training, cardiovascular and metabolic training programs for maximum results. 3 at Fitness Revolution Louisville and at least 1 at home workout.
  6. Weigh ins will take place without shoes.
  7. All weigh ins must take place at IronBody Fitness / Fitness Revolution Louisville and be completed by a Coach.
  8. You agree to allow us to use your picture and/or videos in all our marketing and sales material, including but not limited to our websites, Facebook or any other printed or electronic media.
  9. If you are chosen as one of the winners you agree to give us a video testimonial.
  10. A minimum of ten (10) contestants must participate for the contest to take place.  If ten (10) contestants do not register a full refund will be given to each person.
  11. No refunds are given after the registration fee is paid, with the exception of not meeting minimum requirements.
  12. The Grand Prize remains the same even if contestants exceed ten (10).

Transformation Challenge Package Details

Current Members

Basic Package $49.00 Total Includes:

  • Reserves right to participate in the contest
  • Eligible for Grand Prize
  • Google Group Access / Mastermind
  • Nutrition Plan and Accountability Log
  • 10 Weeks of At Home Workouts Accessible Online
  • *All contestants must purchase the BASIC Package at minimum.  

This $49 fee will be waived if you participate in Personal Trainer Foods and place and order with your coach!

If current members would like to add on additional services please see a coach for details or email


Boot Camp Package $159.00 Total Includes: (Valued at $600)

  • Reserves right to participate in the contest
  • Eligible for Prize
  • Mandatory Orientation
  • Three (3) Personalized Group Fitness Workouts per week for 10 weeks (scheduling rules apply)
  • Google Group Access / Mastermind
  • Nutrition Plan and Accountability Log
  • 10 Weeks of At Home Workouts Accessible Online

Personal Training Package $299 Total (Valued at $1000)

  • Reserves right to participate in the contest
  • Eligible for Prize
  • Individualized program designed for you by our expert fat loss trainers
  • Three(3) Semi-private (you and 2 or 3 others max) training sessions per week for 10 weeks
  • Google Group Access / Mastermind
  • Nutrition Plan and Accountability Log
  • 10 Weeks of At Home Workouts Accessible Online


We will be holding our Transformation Challenge Kick Off Meeting on Saturday 8/18/2012 at 10am to give you all the secrets to fat loss that the rest of the industry doesn’t want you know!  We are going to give you every last bit of information that you will need to make sure that you get the most out of the upcoming 10 weeks and look your best come spring time! The Kick Off Meeting will take place in the boot camp room at IronBody Fitness/ Fitness Revolution Louisville on Saturday 8/18/2012 at 10am.

Fill out the form below to register and reserve your spot at the Kick Off Party!