Fat Burning Workouts That Won't Leave You Wiped Out!!

Are you so sore and tired you can't do anything else for days?

All of my programs are designed to:

  • Burn fat and increase your fitness levels without running you into the ground. 
  • Improve your overall health.
  • Improve mobility and range of motion (especially important if you play golf, tennis, or other sports)
  • Improve your strength and stamina.

As we get older, it takes longer to recover, and we develop more and more aches, twinges, tweaked hips, knees, or shoulders.

If you are looking for a fitness professional who can help you burn fat and regain your stamina and strength while reducing your aches and pains, you have come to the right place!

Let Me Guide You to a Fit & Healthy Life!

I'm 65 and I've been coaching since 2007. When I started in the fitness industry I could do pretty much anything physical. These days I have to deal with those everyday aches and pains that can slow us all down as we age.

In 2014 I started having issues with my hip but I kept training until I couldn't take the pain anymore. I had it replaced in November of 2018. 

Once I was cleared to exercise, I slowly rebuilt my hip, leg, and core strength. I followed the same principles I used to rebuild myself with ALL my clients. Now, over four years later, I'm back at 100% and pain-free.

My goal is to help you rebuild your health by teaching you to burn fat and improve movement, mobility, flexibility, strength, and stamina. I also look closely at your current eating habits and work with you to develop them to have more energy and feel better.

I teach my clients how to exercise correctly to reach their fitness goals. I also show them how to change the habits that are detrimental to their health and replace them with practices to build a healthy lifestyle.

To find out how I can help you, schedule a free Assessment and Consultation. We will meet and discuss, in detail, your goals and how I can help you achieve them.

Here's What You'll Get From Me:

  • Top notch training programs designed to maximize fat burning, improve your fitness, and minimize your time in the gym
  • Accountability - I will check in with you regularly to ensure you are reaching your goals and staying on track with your nutrition and workouts.
  • Support - You can call, text, email, etc with any questions you may have to for help
  • Motivation
  • Rigorous attention to your form/technique on ALL exercises!

Here Are some of the changes You Can Expect to See:

  • Fat Loss - the right way through proper eating habits and exercise. No fad diets
  • Improved performance
  • Improved Mobility
  • Improved Mental Clarity
  • Decreased pain
  • Decreased depression

You May Also see:

  • Lower Cholesterol
  • Less Stress
  • Balanced Hormones
  • Increased Libido
  • Other Improved Blood Markers

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Whole Body Fitness Program designed for those over 40

Programs designed specifically for you

Pre-built 4 and 6 week meal plans

Programs delivered via our app. All exercises have accompanying videos

Modified so almost anyone can do the workouts

Based on your current fitness levels and goals

A Nutrition Course to teach you how to create your own meals plans and how to never fall off the wagon again


Email, text and Zoom for check-ins questions, technique checks and corrections. Food Journaling 

Training Sessions Monday thru Saturday

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Do you have a pre-existing injury, bad shoulder, knees, etc.? That's ok, our program design will help you fix those trouble spots 

Kick-Start Programs for when you need to lose weight in a hurry for an event, such as a wedding





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