Our Goal:

Maximize Your Health and Fitness

with Diet, Rest, Exercise, and Stress Reduction

Which fitness program is right for you??

Are you in your mid-to-late 40's or older? All of my exercise programs are designed to help you move and feel better.

If you want the best results, 100% customized training, and nutrition, then Personal Training is the way to go. If you like training with others, then the Personalized Group program is for you. If you can't train with us at IronBody Fitness, then consider our Online Training program. It's the same as our in-person, Personal Training solution but delivered via my online training app and includes videos of all the exercises and support via email or Messenger.

Personal Training

Personalized Group Training

Online Training

Nutrition Coaching

One on One

Train in a group of up to 10 people

Train at home or elsewhere. Train when and where you want

One on One Nutrition Coaching.

Programs designed specifically for you

Whole Body Fitness Program

Programs designed specifically for you and the equipment you have access to

We work with you to build a nutrition program you can live with

Based on your current fitness levels

Modified so almost anyone can do the workouts

Programs delivered via our app. All exercises have accompanying videos

Driven by education - we teach you the foods you should eat in order for you to achieve optimal health

Do you have a pre-existing injury, bad shoulder, knees, etc.? That's ok, our program design will help you fix those trouble spots 

14 sessions per week to choose from

Several support options to meet your needs

Learn how to lose fat and keep it off. No more yo-yo dieting

What Our Clients Say

I'm back (gone two years)! Feeling like the prodigal daughter, I have returned to IBF and Dave Randolph for training. After a nasty fall and shoulder repair sidelined me, I tried swimming, Faster Way, CrossFit, and a home workout during CV-19 shut down. I developed severe right knee pain that would not subside after a few days' rest. I was re-irritating it with every workout. Four weeks ago, I asked Dave for help, and I feel stronger, have very little pain, and work out regularly again. Dave knew exactly how to begin to correct the knee problem. I'm pleased about being back with THE BEST PERSONAL TRAINER in Louisville. Dave's workouts are varied, non-boring, challenging, and affordable. I have worked with many good trainers, but Dave is the best. Sincerely, he is.

5 of 5 Stars

Carl Gloede, Retired Police Detective

Reflecting on a 6-week challenge.
To begin, considerable thanks to Dave and Cheryl at IronBody Fitness. Dave provides challenging workouts that hit every part of your body. Programmed in a thoughtful manner to allow for accommodations for each individual's uniqueness, such as my new hip and my screwed-up knee. Cheryl has done wonders with my tight shoulders to allow for more normal movements.

The plan is fairly straightforward, eat healthy following the nutrition plan, and work out. No excuses. Denise has provided her support and together we are looking forward to the beginning of the next 6-week challenge next week. I will have to start looking for new pants or a smaller belt.

Even though we moved to Wisconsin, we are still training with Dave via his Online Training Program

5 of 5 Stars

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