Book Number 4

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Book Number 4 on it’s way to the printer 5/1/15

My fourth book, this on on Olympic Weightlifting covers the 3 primary lifts: the clean, the jerk and the snatch, plus variations like the Hang power clean, Power snatch etc. 

While I’m known mostly as a kettlebell guy, I have trained the Oly lifts in the past and at one time was a Crossfit Level 1 coach (2007 – 2008) and have also been taught by Jamie Hale who has taught a lot of people Oly lifting. Jamie will be at IronBody Fitness on Sunday May 17th from 11a-3p for an Oly workshop. To register go here–> The cost is $50 for Active members of IronBody Fitness and $75 for non-members.

Included in the book are 3 4 week programs for beginner through advanced. The Beginner program is focused solely on developing the skills, mastering the techniques and some non-Oly conditioning. I included some kettlebell work as well as ropes and body-weight.

Probably the most important section is the one on Self-assessment which will help you determine whether you are clear to to the lifts or whether you will need to do some preliminary work to fix any imbalances or strength deficits. For example, if you have wonky shoulders doing snatches or jerks may not be the best thing for you. LIkewise if you have a tough time squatting deep going the full snatch or clean is likewise contra-indicated. But I give you “correctives” to help you clear up most issues although it make take some people a while to be ready for overhead work.

Overall don’t be in a hurry when learning the lifts and don’t jump past the correctives because you find them boring or don’t feel like you need to do them. Better safe than sorry.

You will notice that the workouts are not high rep high volume, “metcons” – Oly lifts are not for conditioning. If you want that use kettlebells instead. As I mentioned above, the workouts have conditioning in them but with kettlebells, bodyweight, ropes etc.

Oly is really about building explosive strength and power, doing light, high rep workouts won’t get you there.

It should be available mid-June on