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Kettlebell Sport Competition – Saturday May 19th

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Dave & Catherine Imes

IronBody Fitness will be hosting our first ever Kettlebell Sport Competiion, Saturday May 19th from 10:30-??. If you can snatch or jerk you can compete!!

There are several events to choose from:

The Biathlon 10 mins of double jerks (women use 1 bell), you cannot set the bells down or come out of rack position except to jerk them overhead. After a 30 -45 minute rest Snatches. Also for 10 minutes with only 1 hand switch allowed. You cannot drop the bell, double pump the swing portion of the snatch or otherwise rest anywhere except overhead.

Long Cycle – this is Clean and jerk. Men – 2 bells, women 1 bell. You swing the bells back between the legs and clean them to rack, jerk them, bring them back to rack and repeat. Also 10 mins and the same rules as the jerk

You can also compete in just snatches or just jerks


For complete rule, scoring guide and ranks read this pdf (Right click and “Save As” or “Download” –>>Rules

The Entry fee is just $10

For complete details on weight classes and to register go here–>> REGISTER