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Revolution For a Cause – Cookout Bash

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IronBody Fitness / Fitness Revolution Louisville is in the midst of a 3 month fund raising campaign to raise money for Paul Graber’s New Path Foundation a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. As part of our fund raising drive we’ll be hold a cookout bash along with several challenge workouts on Saturday May 19th.

$10 gets you in to the cookout and $10 per event you choose to participate in. All proceeds will go to New Path.

The Challenges:

The First ever IronBody Fitness GS Competition (kettlebell sport). You must know the snatch and the jerk or long cycle to compete.

If you compete in the Biathlon (Snatch, then jerks) you will have a maximum of 10 minutes to complete as many jerks as possible. Men use 2 bells women 1 bell and are allowed 1 hand switch. You may not put the bells down or drop them from rack. The only places to rest are rack and overhead. Full rules are on the IKFF site.

You may compete in the Long Cycle (Clean & Jerk) instead. Men will use 2 bells women 1 (with one hand switch). You clean the bells then jerk them overhead as many times as possible in 10 minutes. You may not set the bells down or rest with them hanging between your legs.

To Register for this event ($10 donation to New Path) go HERE

The Pushup Challenge – the most reps in both 1 minute and 5 minutes – Chest must touch tennis ball each rep. Elbows must be locked at the top. Hips must not touch floor or be up in the air during a rep. You may raise the hips in between to rest/stretch. Total reps in 1 minute and 5 minutes. There may be a winner in each section. Register HERE

The 50/50 – You must be familiar with all lifts. There will be no teaching of technique prior to contest.

  1. 50 dead cleans per arm
  2. 50 Snatches per arm
  3. 50 front squats per side (bell racked)
  4. 50 1 hand swings per side
  5. 50 push presses per arm
  6. 50 jerks per arm

The rules

  1. ONE BELL – you must use the same weight kb for all lifts
  2. You MUST complete ALL reps on one side before switching arms.
  3. You MAY rest whenever you want
  4. You MUST complete all the reps on both arms before moving to the next exercise
  5. You may not hold the bell in rack position with the other hand during the squat movement. You can hold it or put it back when standing.
  6. Your squat depth must be quads parallel to ground, no 1/2 squats, full range
  7. On dead cleans the bell MUST touch the floor after each rep
  8. On 1 hand swings the bell must come up at least navel high
  9. Snatches must be to complete elbow lockout & fixation – You may use whatever style you want

Suggested weight – men 24k, women 14 or 16

Register HERE for the 50/50 Challenge

Force Fitness Challenge – From my friends at Force Fitness in Bloomington, In

  • Squats 60s
  • rest 60s
  • Pushups chest to tennis ball 60s
  • rest 60s
  • squat thrust 60s
  • rest 60s
  • inverted row 60s
  • double overhead rope slam 60s


  • Each exercise will be counted and total reps scored is the winner
  • All exercises must be done with strict form, no 1/4 squats
  • Same rules apply to pushups as in the pushup challenge
  • Squat thrust with jump, no pushup. Hips and knees must be fully extended in pushup position
  • Inverted rows approximately 60 degree angle
  • Double overhead rope slams – both hands must be raised higher than head and ropes then slammed straight down to floor
  • Rest 60 seconds between exercises

Register HERE for the Force Fitness Challenge

To sign up for just the cookout go HERE

We hope to see you there!