Some Rants…

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I’ve been monitoring a lot of food journals lately and I keep seeing the same thing over and over. Way too many starches, way too much sugar and way too much fast food or poor quality food.  I get very frustrated because you aren’t taking my advice. I give you my knowledge of what works to help you look and feel better but you don’t follow through.

So here are 5 things that are driving me crazy(ier):

fat muscle1. You say you want to lose weight, but what you REALLY want is to not be fat. The scale is not your friend, ignore your weight. If you want to be lighter, cut off an arm. If you want to be less fat then lift heavy, eat right and stay away from “Cardio/aerobics”. A pound of  muscle and a pound of fat weigh a pound. Muscle is dense, fat is fluffy and takes up more space. Remember the kb analogy: The 16k bell that is black (DragonDoor style) is 16k of solid cast iron (35lbs). The big yellow competition bell is also 16k but is steel and is hollow. So… would you rather be smaller & more compact (toned) or big & fluffy???

2. You say you want to lose fat but you won’t make the proper changes in your diet. Sugar and starchy carbs are poison to your body. The are toxic. They cause an inflammation response which is the body’s way of fighting off toxins. Your fat cells store those toxins trying to get them out of the system. By cleaning up your diet you’ll get rid of the toxins AND the fat. Have a sugar craving?? Eat  a piece of fruit and drink a bottle of water. Craving chocolate? Eat 85% dark chocolate and drink a bottle of water. Craving chips?? Put a little bit of high quality salt (not Morton’s table salt – Sea Salt, Himalayan Salt etc.) and drink a bottle of water. Drinking more than 1 glass of wine or liquor? Drink more water. Drinking Mixed drinks like Margarita’s, drink water with fresh Lemon Juice.

3. If you don’t tell me something is bothering you, like a lower back, elbow pain etc, I can’t help you. Don’t wait until it’s too late. If it hurts, assuming it’s actual pain and not just tough work, then don’t do it! Don’t lighten the load, just don’t do it! Tell me about it.

4. If I give you exercises to do at home to fix issues you might have, especially if they are related to #3, DO THEM!! If you tell me you have an elbow problem and I give you homework like foam rolling your back or using the lacrosse ball to nail the trigger points in your back and chest, do them! Don’t come to me 3 weeks later and tell me you have to stop training when you haven’t been doing your homework.

5. If you are stressed out from work, school home, whatever, let me know. Exercise is stress and your body doesn’t distinguish one type from another. If you are having a really stressful day, don’t push yourself too hard during the training, but you need to let me know so I don’t call you out on it.  Stress of any kind causes the body to release the hormone cortisol. Cortisol in turn backs you body store fat in the belly area. Some stress is good, without it you won’t change, but too much stress leads to all sorts of physical and mental issues.

 I can help you lose fat, I can help you feel and move better but I can only help you if you help yourself! It isn’t magic, pills only make things worse in the long run. It’s up to you to take responsibility for your health and fitness.

Any time you need to talk to me about anything shoot me an email or catch me after a class. Don’t call though, I hate talking on the phone!