Transformation Contest Winners

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After 8 weeks of the IronBody Fitness Fitness Revolution Transformation Contest we have a WINNER!


dawn_before_after_sidedawn_before_after_front_smallDawn Johnson

2012 is the year for me to put up or shut up. 
For years, I have yo-yo’d with my weight. Being an emotional eater for most of my life I have been up and down on the scale which I know is dangerous. After reaching my highest weight several years ago I hit rock bottom. I decided to pull myself up and take control. On my own I lost 70 pounds. Then over the next couple of years I gained and lost and gained and lost 20 of those pounds back and forth, over and over. In January of this year, I decided enough was enough. 
I had watched my friend Amie attend Dave’s kettlebell bootcamp classes at IronBody Fitness and grow stronger for over a year. Although I had lost some weight on my own, most of it was through running and yes, I was smaller, but I wasn’t toned and I wanted to be. It was no longer about being skinny; I wanted to be strong. And I didn’t want to just be strong, I wanted to prove to myself that I was TOUGH. 
That’s when I signed up for a Tough Mudder, then I immediately signed back up up with Dave. 
I didn’t tell him at first what I was up to with the Tough Mudder. I’d had a few naysayers around that were trying to convince me that I was crazy or that I just shouldn’t do it. They were afraid that I would get hurt. I was a little fearful that he would say the same thing. A month in to the classes I told him about the Tough Mudder and about the people who were trying to talk me out of it and his response? “I’m going to turn you into a beast.”  I’ll never, ever forget that.
I spent February and March focused on clean eating and working out during Dave’s 8 week transformation contest. That came along just at the right time and provided so much motivation for me!   In those 8 weeks, I lost 21 lbs, many, many inches overall and am stronger than I’ve ever been in my whole life. I won Dave’s competition and I’m still going strong. It is clear that the strength training and conditioning from the kettlebell classes along with eating right is what will get me in the shape I’ve always wanted. The Tough Mudder is in October and I have no doubt that I am going to kill it!
I love that in these classes you work at your own level. I may not lift as much as the big strapping guy across the room, but I’ll get there. Dave is a great trainer and keeps everyone progressing at their own pace. There is a ton of individual attention for everyone and everyone is different. And I trust him so that when he says, “Dawn, you can go heavier than that,” I go get a bigger bell. It’s great that you can come in at any size and at any shape and get started. I did! After I got used to the classes I started seeing changes every week. There is nothing like seeing constant improvements in yourself that will keep you coming to class and help you say “No” when it’s donut day at the office. 
It’s now automatic for me, just like brushing my teeth. 3 days a week, I’ll be right there in class getting it done.
Followed by Shawn Summerville and Annie Steinke!

shawn_before_after_front shawn_before_after_side










annie_before_after_front annie_before_after_side

Dawn lost 21.8 lbs,dropped 3.9% fat, gained 1.3% of muscle,lost 2&3/8″ from her chest and 5&14″ from her waist!

Shawn lost 21 lbs, dropped 3.2% fat and increased his lean mass by 3.5%.

Annie lost 13.6lbs, dropped 3.7% body fat, gained 1.4% muscle, lost 2″ off her chest and 2&3/4″ from her waist

Dawn won $500 in cash and a brand new Kindle Fire!! Other Prizes included massages provided by Cheryl’s Essential Massage, and a Color and Cut by Stephani Harris at Essentials Salon.

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