Check Out This Workout

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Trying to mix it up a little. Here’s a nice metcon for you. You’ll need some 1.5″ 15ft or bigger ropes and a couple of bells.


Here’s the Workout

. Do your favorite warmup. We did bodyweight squats (deliberate, moderate pace),knee lifts, heel raise to toe raise, step behind side lunges, scapular pushups and floor/wall slides

. That hits  hips,ankles, quads, upper & mid back. 30 sec of everything

1. Double wave –>2 hand swing–> bodyweight squats (faster than warmups)

2. Alternating Waves–>Alternating Cleans–>static lunge (30s r/l)

3. In/out waves–>rows r/l, bodyweight rows

4. Outward circle –>double bell shrugs–>side to side stepping lunge fast

5. Inward circle–>side bend r/l–>unicycle r/l

6. Slams—>dead clean r/l–>burpees

do it 2 or 3 times.

Everything is 30s work 10 to 15 sec rest. On one sided work .e.g. rows do 30s on each side. Take 30sec rest between circuits.

Stay light! I used 32k for 2h swings 2×16 for alt. cleans, I tried to use 2×28 for the shrugs and went to 24s. I used 24k on side bends and 20k on rows & dead cleans. Pick a weight you can do a lot of reps on but also such that you can do the interval without rest but as always maintain good technique.