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Counter Attack
Helps prevent colds & flue. Speeds recovery time if you do get sick

Natural Calm

Integrative Therapeutics
Cortisol Manager

Otho Molecular
Adrenal Support

Pure Encapsulations
Curcumin with Pepperine
(Pepperine is needed to make the curcumin absorbable)

Pure Encapsulations
Boswellia AKBA
Pain Relief, especially joints

Pure Encapsulations
O.N.E. Multi-vitamin

Thorne Research Rhodiola

Stress Relief

Wobenzyme N

Ancient Nutrition 
Bone Broth Protein Powder

617cZOsDU9L. SX522

Betaine HCL + Pepsin 
increase Stomach Acid - if you feel like crap after eating a steak, you probably have low stomach acid levels. Low acid levels also cause Acid Reflux

Ubiquinol / Co-Q10
for Heart Health


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