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Dehydration and it’s effects on your body

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We always talk about drinking plenty of water, typically 1/2 your bodyweight in ounce. If you weigh 200lbs you should drink 100 ounces of water per day. What if you don’t? If it’s only one day here or there that you only get say 50oz instead of 100 not much but you could more fatigued or your workout could feel harder than usual. But if you are consistently under hydrated there are a number of problems that will come up quickly, but you probably won’t even realize it’s due to low water intake.

  • Dehydrate yourself by 1% and you experience temporary strain on your heart and a short-term drop in aerobic endurance.
  • Dehydrate yourself by 5% and you experience reduced muscle endurance, strength, and motor skills. This is also when heat cramps, heat exhaustion, fatigue, and reduced mental capacity kick in.
  • Dehydrate yourself by 10% of body weight you experience physical exhaustion, heatstroke, and hallucinations.
  • Many times hunger pains are cravings for water, next time you feel hungry drink a glass or bottle of water and see if the hunger pains go away
  • And, according to the textbooks, if you go any much further than this, and the dehydration is prolonged, you risk slipping into a coma and death.

Drinking coffee or tea doesn’t count, they are actually diuretics, they’ll make you pee more. Drinking sodas, no matter what type or alcohol of any type doesn’t contribute to your hydration levels either. You have to drink water!

Some people don;t like that water has no taste, that it tastes bland and need something to flavor it. The problem is they use crystal light or somethin similiar which typically containse sugar or artificial sweeteners, both of which we don’t want.

If you really need to flavor your water use fresh squeezed lemon juice. OF course carrying a lemon around, juicing it & then getting it into your water is a pain. But there is an easy solution.

Italian Volcano Lemon Juice

¬†Italian Volcano 100% Organic Lemon Juice, it’s convenient and easy, just pour some in your water and enjoy. Start off with a little lemon juice and try it . Add a little more if you want it stronger. IN addition to flavoring the water the lemon juice will also help balance your blood pH, how acidic or alkaline you blood is. Ideally we want a neutral pH, but most people are acidic from eating too much meat or other protein sources and not enough veggies (where have we heard that before…).


You can get this at Costco or Fresh Market and I’m sure you can find it at many other “organic” food stores as well. It runs about $6-$8 per bottle and lasts quite a while.


Give it a try.


Regardless of whether you lemon juice, you need to make sure you are drinking enough water EVERY day!