How Much Sugar is in….

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Mountain Dews contains 19.5 teaspoons of sugar, but how much is that really?

Each cube is 1 teaspoon.


Here are some other items with the amount of sugar they contain shown.†


The sugar in fruit is natural and is fructose not plain sugar. Apples also contains tons of other nutrients including fiber.


Banannas and canteloupes are higher in sugar and if you are trying to get ripped you’ll want to eat very small amounts of these fruits, grapes too. But if you are trying to loose weight eating fruit is not going to slow your fat loss unless you eat a large amount


Eat lots of carrots!


Sure Cheerios only have 1 teaspoon of sugar in it but they are highly processed


Just remember, corn is a grain not a vegetable. Grapes, have a lot of sugar (so does wine, dieter beware)


Oranges good, orange juice bad