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IronBody Fitness Revolution for a Cause – Cystic Fibrosis

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This year the IronBody Fitness/ Fitness Revolution’s Revolution for a Cause will be raising money to help those with Cystic Fibrosis, a genetic disease in which excess mucus is created all through the body, especially in the lungs making breathing more and more difficult. It is a fatal disease, there is no cure at this time.

We have set a goal of $2000 to be raised by June 30th 2013 and we need your help! ANy amount is appreciated and will go to help those suffering from the disease. We have Donation cards at the gym, for a $1 donation you can buy a card and we’ll put it up on the wall with your name on it. We’ll also have a spare change jar, so if you have any just drop it in the jar. Of course other donations are welcome as well.

We’re going to have our first cookout of 2013 on Saturday May 25th, Memorial Weekend. While I realize it’s short notice and you may be out of town, my schedule doesn’t allow for much leeway so I hope you can make it. You can contact me via email and I’ll add you to the list of attendees or sign the sheet on the front counter the next time you are in. We ask you donate at least $10 when you come to the cookout and bring a dish.

Before we eat we’ll be having a few challenge workouts you can do one or all for a $10 donation (if you eat & compete that’s $20).

Here are the challenges:

Total GOOD pushups in 90 seconds. Chest to tennis ball, neutral spine, no sagging, no dropping the hips, the body must come up as one unit.

Valery Fedorenko’s Pentathlon:

You have 6 minutes to complete each lift with 5 minutes of rest between exercises. You can switch hands whenever you want. The numbers are your goals. If you go WAY over you went to light. If you don’t get close, say more than 25 away from the target you need to build your strength/endurance or go lighter. You can use different bells for each lift.

  • Long Cycle Clean (x120)
  • Longcycle press (x60) – this is a military press; no knee involvement.
  • Jerk (x120)
  • Half snatch (x108)
  • Push press (x120) – heels must not leave the floor during this exercise.
At the end the running total of all the exercises is added up to give you your total, and then multiplied by a number that depends on the kettlebell you used:
  • 8kg – multiply by 1.0
  • 10kg  – x1.25
  • 12kg – x1.5
  • 14kg – x1.75
  • 16kg – x2.0
  • 20kg – x2.5
  • 24kg – x3.0
  • 28kg – x3.5
  • 32kg – x4.0
  • 36kg – x4.5
  • 40kg – x5.0

For those of you you don’t know the lifts here are some bodyweight challenges:

Max Full Burpees in 2 minutes – From standing kick your feet back and land in the BOTTOM of a pushup position. The hips must NOT touch the floor. Perform a pushup, then pull your feet under you and jump off the floor. Land and drop down again.

Max Pullups in 1 minute – Strict, dead hang pullups no kipping!, Knees may NOT come up higher than waist.Must get collar bones to bar, not just stick your neck out like a crazed chicken!

Weighted Pullup – 1 strict rep loaded as heavy as you can go.

Prowler pushes for max weight high and low posts

Prizes will be awarded.

You can register online or at the gym.